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Happy Spring, everyone! Not only is the weather letting up (albeit slowly) — so are budget restraints. It seems like opportunity has returned over night, and businesses everywhere are leveraging staffing companies to get back into the game.

In this month's feature article, co-written with Christy Rollyson, STAR BASE Senior Account Executive, we share some of the key points we took from a recent seminar with well known trainer Al Dubuc of Oz Consulting and Training, including what to consider in an IT staffing partner, what to ask and why it matters. The bottom line is that a good IT recruiting firm is a serious competitive edge, while an incompetent one can waste your time and cause you to squander opportunity. We invite you to learn how to tell the difference in Can Your IT Recruiter Get the Job Done?

Also in this issue:

BUSINESS INSIGHTS: spotlights current hiring trends and why rushing to hire new staff too quickly can backfire.

SURVEY SPOTLIGHTS: highlights selections from our most recent Pulse Survey, which examined IT-Business alignment. In this issue, we look at what suggestions respondents had for IT to better understand the needs of the Business.

THE BLOG FILE: discusses the post IT Staffing Is Not What It Used to Be, which reflects on how diversified and specialized IT staffing has become.

We hope that you enjoy and find value in this month's issue. As always, if you have any feedback or article ideas, we welcome your suggestions.

Please enjoy!

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