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Within any organization, IT must transform from a pure support operation to a strategic weapon viewed as critical to business growth. Is your organization properly aligned with business units? Are the roles clearly defined and are the right people on the bus? Are your systems operating at optimal levels? STAR BASE helps you answer these questions and more, and we work with you to develop short and long-term technology strategies that fuel business growth.

IT Wellness Checks
If you have made significant IT investments in the past, you know that these systems can fail to deliver the value intended, or can be outgrown by the business if they are not developed or managed properly.

Our IT Wellness Check™ helps clients gain a better understanding of their people, processes, tools and technologies, and identify opportunities to:

  • Reduce costs

  • Move toward best-in-class practices

  • Establish standardized and repeatable processes

  • Improve predictability

  • Enhance service delivery

Our IT Wellness Checks start with a careful examination of your IT infrastructure, but include other key areas that could put your business at risk.

    Core IT - a review of disaster recovery, security, scalability, cross application integrity and electronic transactions

    Complete Business - a core IT check, plus an evaluation of how well IT aligns with the business plan, sales & marketing, accounting & financials, human resources & operations.

    Comprehensive - a complete business check, plus a detailed analysis of the business and a strategic plan that aligns IT with your business goal. A comprehensive IT Wellness Check has the potential to transform your business.

An IT Wellness Check from Star Base will determine if your IT is strategically integrated into your business processes and plans. Our consultants check the vital signs of your business to ensure that it's positioned for growth, that it is competitive and protected from unexpected occurrences.

Technology Roadmap
How will your IT infrastructure keep pace with business growth? What areas will you need to fill in the future? What application development and integration needs will develop over time? A technology roadmap from STAR BASE lays out a strategic direction for the evolution of IT in your business. We work with you do forecast your needs given different growth scenarios, and we prepare you for these implications with a recommended IT growth strategy.

STAR BASE delivers IT that transforms business.

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