IT Talent on Demand

So much more than staff aug.

Winning organizations thrive on talented individuals that make significant contributions in the right roles. Hiring, developing and keeping key players is time consuming and costly. Strategic IT initiatives can become delayed or day-to-day support operations can suffer if staff is reallocated to critical projects. In addition, as business needs change it's not always necessary or cost effective to maintain a full time employee in every role.

But the last thing you need is a body
The challenge with staffing solutions is that in many cases you end up framing the project with a partner or senior consultant and yet a junior consultant shows up on site to execute the work.  Not exactly what you had in mind?  We hear you.

STAR BASE delivers tested, credentialed project experts with proven experience on projects such as yours.  Our consultants have not only the technical skills needed, but serious project management experience and an ability to address challenges and solutions at a high level as your peer.

CIO On Demand
Small and medium size businesses need the expertise that a seasoned CIO can provide. In fact, it is through such leadership that many emerging companies are able to identify and capitalize on competitive advantages. Access to a CIO-level technology leader can be the catalyst that the SMB market needs to maximize organizational productivity, skip ahead of competitors, and gain significant market share. Read More...  

IT Staffing - We deliver people, not resumes
If all you needed was a stack of resumes that has been poorly scrutinized, most staff augmentation services would be fine.  But you don't have time to cull through 20 resumes with a keyword match on ‘business intelligence' to find the person with the real experience.  Isn't that what you're paying that staffing firm to do? 

STAR BASE maintains not only a bench, but hundreds of active relationships with technical experts in a variety of fields.  Of course we screen, interview and conduct background checks before we present candidates, but we go MUCH further.  In fact, our Now You Know™ screening and testing process is so rigorous that we might present 1or 2 candidates we've identified as the best people for the job.

The result?  You get senior IT talent with proven experience when you need them.

The wrong person in a key position can cost many times that individual's salary. Consistent and objective computer-based assessments given by Star Base can quickly determine the depth of knowledge on claimed skills and determine the right fit within your organization.

Upon completion of a project Star Base will work with your IT employees to ensure they are self-sufficient. We can work with your less experienced IT staff to discuss current workplace challenges, share insights and solve problems.

STAR BASE delivers IT that transforms business.

Investigate our solutions, browse our clients and case studies, and stay up to date on what's happening in the local IT arena. 




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