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Application Development
The right IT applications automate redundant processes, improve accuracy and save considerable time throughout the business units of your organization. However, sometimes and off the shelf solution might not serve the need entirely, or perhaps the solution needs further customization to make it work just right.

Star Base delivers application development solutions help your business do more by getting the right information into the right hands.

Unfocused IT initiatives can result in disparate systems that don't support the business as they could. E-commerce products may not send orders automatically to fulfillment, or perhaps the CRM system used by sales doesn't make customer data accessible across the enterprise. This results in manual entry, unnecessary costs and lost productivity.

Star Base helps clients with disparate systems, such as software programs that do not communicate, or systems that are on different hardware platforms. We help you achieve data and process integration, data independence and a common fašade/UI.

Business Analysis
More than 70% of IT project failures can be traced to poor requirements. Star Base expertly captures and translates requirements into effective information systems solutions so that your project succeeds. We manage the change process while delivering more value to the enterprise.

Project Management
Delivering your project on time, on budget, and with superior quality are the factors that will determine the success of your business and separate you from your competition. Expert project management is as important or more than the solution itself. At Star Base, we can take complete responsibility for your initiative or simply manage the project with your staff.

For theStar Base has built from scratch, customized, integrated and sourced the right applications for businesses of every size and in nearly every major market. Our consultants are seasoned experts that understand business needs, and have a knack for creating software solutions that deliver the intended results.

STAR BASE delivers IT that transforms business.

Investigate our solutions, browse our clients and case studies, and stay up to date on what's happening in the local IT arena. 




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