Maintenance and Modernization

Modernization & Maintenance

Does your AS/400 leave something to be desired by way of ROI? For most companies, the answer is a resounding "yes." STAR BASE Consulting's AS/400 Modernization & Maintenance solution ensures your AS/400 delivers its full potential—providing simple enhancements that significantly increase business efficiency and save your company substantial resources.

Do more, save more with your AS/400

Through the STAR BASE AS/400 Modernization & Maintenance solution, you will not only extend the life of your system and increase its functionality; you will save costs across the enterprise.

AS/400 Overview

To learn more about STAR BASE's Modernization & Maintenance solution, click here.

AS/400 Case Study

To read how STAR BASE helped RL Drake cut costs and increase the efficiency of its AS/400, click here.

We help your business overcome AS/400 limitations including:

  • Silos of information that create duplicate data and multiple copies of the truth

  • System integration issues

  • A limited internal knowledgebase to run the AS/400

By turning over the management of your AS/400 to STAR BASE, you'll be able to use your investment to realize benefits such as:

  • Decreased labor costs and downtime

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Streamlined processes

  • Minimization of disparate applications

  • Increased reach to internal and external audiences

To learn more about how your business can benefit from the full value of your AS/400 through simple enhancements, click here.

The AS/400 Modernization & Maintenance solution in action

RL Drake, a designer and manufacturer of systems for digital and analog cable, and sound products for the hearing impaired, turned to STAR BASE to manage its AS/400 system. Read how STAR BASE was able to help RL Drake cut costs and increase the efficiency of its AS/400.

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