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2010: Is Outsourcing a Viable Strategy?

For the last year, most businesses and their IT organizations have been on a one-way street racing hard toward maximum operational efficiency. As 2010 approaches and IT leaders search for more ways to improve bottom-line performance, outsourcing is a method many will turn to as a way to reduce spending and improve operational efficiency. The question for your organization is this: Is outsourcing the right strategy for your business in 2010? Read more…


“Having a history of at least two nightmares in the selection of software, we were apprehensive to enter this process again. STAR BASE streamlined the process and helped us think through what we really needed from our system. Their work saved us countless hours. Because of the process they took us through, we are very confident we made the best choice for our business. We are so excited about our future.”

– Henrietta Nye, President,
Keir Educational Resources


New ERP System for Keir Educational Resources

Selecting a major technology system for your business—such as an ERP—is not a task taken lightly. Rather, it takes considerable time and rigorous due diligence, just ask STAR BASE Consulting client, Keir Educational Resources. Keir turned its search for the right ERP solution over to STAR BASE in order to: 1) ensure the system aligned with the company’s technology system, 2) would support the evolving business mission and 3) would fit within budget and scope. Read more...


Takin’ the Basset Hound to the Farm: Part I
By Jeff Welsh

Rather than stories of late nights, losing streaks and big buffets, Jeff Walsh, founder of STAR BASE Consulting left Las Vegas and the 2009 TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow this past October with insights into market differentiation, service excellence and alliance building. Find out what Basset Hounds have to do with IT processes, teams, strategies and services. Read more…

Takin’ the Basset Hound to the Farm: Part II
By Jeff Welsh

What does it mean to “Take the Basset Hound to the Farm?” In IT operations, this metaphor for letting go means it’s time to take a hard look at processes, systems and even people to find out what’s working well and what is no longer working. Explore what Basset Hounds you have been keeping penned up too long in this follow-up blog entry from STAR BASE founder Jeff Welsh. Read more…

IT Outsourcing in for Some Big Changes
By Aaron Wittenberger

It’s hard to think of any business that has not seen unprecedented change in the last few years. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is still in the midst of tumultuous change. With the world reconsidering how to manage core and non-core business functions as well as where and how they outsource, BPO firms, and IT outsourcing firms in particular, are looking at some critical years of change ahead. Find out what Gartner predicts for the industry and how businesses that leverage these services can be smart in selecting their vendors. Read more…



STAR BASE Consulting, Inc. would like to recognize Mark Murphy for recently passing the extensive testing necessary to become a Zend Certified Engineer! Read more...



Keep Pace with IT Innovations, News & Trends

STAR BASE Consulting publishes a detailed calendar of IT events from across the state to help clients, partners and consultants keep abreast of important trends and issues. Check out upcoming events now and come back regularly to find out about events hosted by local and national tech industry associations. View the calendar now…



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