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It's Halftime

Better Solidify Your Strategy for the Second Half of 2010

The value of a mid-year IT project review really becomes apparent at the end of Q4 when you can connect the dots between completion of IT projects and meeting year-end goals. As we hit the mid-year mark, the time is now to review pending projects, consider status of original goals for 2010 and develop a strategy for accomplishing what's left for the remainder of the year. One plan of action that's becoming the new norm for project execution across the board is the use of outsourcing. Read more…


STAR BASE Leads RL Drake to Ongoing, Significant Savings through AS/400 Management

RL Drake was faced with the need to reduce full-time staff and cut costs. At the same time, they were tasked with keeping IT an integral supportive function within the company. How could they accomplish both objectives? Through outsourcing the maintenance and management of their AS/400 sytem to STAR BASE, RL Drake was able to achieve their dual goals and immediately began to realize an ongoing ROI of more than half the cost of an FTE. Read more…


IT Governance Needs to Change to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Futurists have game-changing ideas for what's in store in the world of IT. Will IT departments undergo drastic change? How will the IT professional's role develop? What will IT governance look like in years to come? Read more…

Making the Business Case for an Internal BABOK

Ideas that add value to organizations typically get attention. The concept of a Business Analysts Body of Knowledge (BABOK) is one that not only adds value across the enterprise by allowing the depth of business knowledge within an organization to permeate all areas; but it also results in greater productivity and streamlined business intelligence. Can you afford NOT to have an internal BABOK? Read more…

Building the Business Case for the Business Case

As discussed in this issue's cover story, performing a mid-year review is critical to meeting year-end goals. What about a mid-project review? How important is it to revisit the business case built at the outset of a project during critical phases along the way? Building a business case is only half the battle, implementing strategies for visiting it along the way will ensure success. Read more…


Meet Matt Warman
A 20-year IT industry veteran, Matt Warman has quite a list of accomplishments. An expert in JavaEE and Java SE, Warman is part of the JavaOne speaking circuit and making a name for himself in the music industry. Read more…


STAR BASE Supports Local IT Fundraiser
For the fourth year in a row, STAR BASE participated in The Circuits Annual Golf Outing to help raise scholarship money for students pursuing degrees in IT. This year, the event broke its previous fundraising records. Read more…


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