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Teetering on Projects?
Tips for Pushing Projects Forward Pensively

There's a slight bit of relief in the air that business is slowly but surely picking up and our economy is improving. Even so, companies in all realms of business are not letting their guard down quite yet. There is still a significant amount of trepidation around engaging in projects that require any amount of spend, and those feelings will likely linger for some time to come. So, what are companies to do when projects need to be initiated to move their business forward, yet funds are tight? STAR BASE has pulled together some practical ideas that we've seen in action and best practices from clients that might help your company get over the "recession hump" and get important projects off the ground. Read more…


STAR BASE Gains Efficiency, Accelerates Processes, Saves Client Money

Streamlining processes and maximizing technology is a priority for all companies. When STAR BASE Consulting was approached by its client, KDM, to do the same for their Point of Purchase Display (POPD) ordering process, they welcomed the challenge. KDM was looking for an easier, more appealing system for their clients to order POPDs, as well as a way to interface with clients' internal SAP ERP systems. STAR BASE not only met KDM's immediate needs within the short time frame requested, but they found a way for KDM to save money, energy and improve utilization of their ordering system. Read more...


FUD Factor
By Jeff Welsh

Avoiding risk is a natural response when times are tough - especially any level of perceived or real financial risk. Risk avoidance then leads to stagnation - doing nothing, spending nothing. Is this what our economy needs? Stagnation? As we begin to pop our heads out of recession and into recovery, it's time to break this trend and rebuff what I call the FUD Factor. Read more…

Take a Team Approach to IT Attacks
By Aaron Whittenberger

Whether internal or external, threats to IT infrastructure are real and are on the rise. In fact, according to a recent study by the Alliance for Secure Business Information, 80% of respondents experienced a data breach within the last year. Data intruders are becoming more resolute and sophisticated in their attacks. Is your data safe? Do you have the appropriate safeguards in place and does your IT staff have the right security skills to keep your infrastructure protected? Read more…


STAR BASE Connects in the Community

STAR BASE Consulting has had the privilege of participating in three meaningful community-based events over the past two months. "In order to truly be part of the fabric of our community, we believe in participation and contribution. With that in mind, STAR BASE is committed to supporting events and organizations that make our community a better place to be both professionally and personally," said STAR BASE president, Jeff Welsh. Click here to read about STAR BASE in the community.



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