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The Rise of the Business Analyst — and Why the Role is Here to Stay

A recent Forrester Research study ranked the Business Analyst (BA) at #1 on their list of the 13 Most Important IT Roles. A whopping 70% of the IT executives surveyed held the BA in the highest regard — literally. A few months ago, the International Institute of Business Analysis® (IIBA) launched the Online Library, the second version of the BA Competency Model, and recently announced their second certification level. As the impact of a BA becomes clear, recognizing when to bring one in is an increasingly crucial question for organizations. Read more…

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The Battle Between IT and Business: Does it Really Exist?

We're wondering: Do "IT" and "the business" belong on the list of famous rivalries like David and Goliath, Pepsi and Coke or Mac and PC? Is there a lack of a partnership between the organizations, or has the topic been blown out of proportion? Take our brief, confidential, survey and we'll send you a copy of the findings and enter you into a drawing to win an Illuminated LED Keyboard.


STAR BASE Consultant Aaron Whittenberger Featured in Bridging the Gap

When IT veteran Aaron Whittenberger took a business analysis (BA) class, he had no idea it would steer his career into an entirely new direction, opening up doors he wasn't even aware of. "The class was like an awakening… The profession was obviously new and growing. I had an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and influence the direction of an entire profession." Read more…


Seven Deadly Sins of Consulting, Part 1

We can all learn from experience. In hopes of sparing you, the consultant, the agony of learning the hard way, we list some mistakes an IT consultant should never make. From acting like a prima donna to negotiating how to bill your friends, this blog surveys the pratfalls of consulting with humor and advice. Read more…

Seven Deadly Sins of Consulting, Part 2

Have you ever "Blamed it on Rio" or used "bubble gum and baling wire" to get the job done on a consulting assignment? This follow-up blog entry continues with the worst of the worst in consulting impropriety — and many of the unspoken guidelines that will help you avoid unerringly committing them yourself. Read more…

BA: Creating Shared Vision

There's a lot of industry buzz right now around what a Business Analyst does and their role in IT project success — yet vague descriptions abound. What is the function of the BA, namely the three key components of the position? A BA must create a shared vision; they must target the vision to the audience; and they must sell the vision. Read more…


STAR BASE is proud to spotlight our employee Ken Poulter, talent acquisition manager! Ken has over 20 years of staffing and recruiting experience and also spent six years in the Navy where he graduated from the Nuclear Power Program; which may be part the reason Ken has a tremendous grasp of technology, business and is able to understand complex requirements. Read more…


STAR BASE Supports Local IT Fundraiser
STAR BASE will be sponsoring a lane and will have a team participate in the Women's Circuit "Bowling for Tech" event on Friday, October 15th. Proceeds from this event will go towards the Women's IT Circuit scholarship fund. The Women's Circuit is an all volunteer non-profit supporting women in IT.

Your BA Skills: From Self-Assessment to Self-Improvement
STAR BASE's own Aaron Whittenberger will be speaking at the Greater Miami Valley IIBA Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, October 13th in Dayton, Ohio. Aaron will speak about identifying the skills you have, improving them and adding new skills to your repertoire.

Visit the events calendar by clicking here…


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