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As many of you know, backsourcing is garnering a lot of attention right now. Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va.) recently announced a bipartisan legislative partnership to promote the return of offshored jobs to the States and many are noticing its increase. From what we can tell, the factors driving the rise in backsourcing are many — as are the challenges that accompany it.

In this month's feature, we discuss the finer points of backsourcing. In the article, On the Outs with Outsourcing: Why and How Companies Are Opting to Backsource, we examine this upward trend as well as best practices and insights to avoiding its many pitfalls. Most importantly, we help readers pinpoint the key factors to consider in determining when it is the right solution — and when it simply isn't.

Meanwhile, this issue's installment of Business Insights takes an even more concrete approach to conquering the costly and complex process of backsourcing. In How to Win the Backsourcing Game: Challenges, Guidelines & Resources, we review the main challenges that backsourcing presents along with nine specific questions to ask yourself before you even begin. If you are considering repatriating IT, this is the issue for you.

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